Basic information

The International Robotics in Education Conference (RiE) aims at bringing researchers, teachers, practicing engineers, as well as industry experts from all over the world onto a common platform.
After Bratislava in 2010, Vienna in 2011 and Prague in 2012, the 2013 edition of 4th International Conference Robotics in Education will be held in Łódź (Poland).

View of one of Lodz parks, Poland 2012.

We encourage to submit and present new trends, practical experiences, and the latest innovations and advances in the area of Robotics in Education.
Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Robotics in school
  • Robotics curricula
  • International trends in educational robotics
  • Hardware and software of robotic kits
  • Laboratory experiments for teaching robotics
  • Teaching and training for robotics
  • Project-based learning and robotics
  • Didactic approaches and materials
  • Exemplary robotics projects in classes
  • Entertainment robotics
  • Robotic competitions
  • Evaluation and pilot studies
  • Web-based robotics and simulation
  • Evaluation and assessment of robotic-enhanced class activities

This year RiE will be accompanied by two additional events composing Robotix Week. One of the workshops (Sept. 16-18) organized by Lodz University of Technology under Visegrad Robotics Workshop project will precede the Conference. Similarly to previous years, the Robotour contest is scheduled on Saturday 21st September (tryouts on Sept. 20). We recommend the conference participants to visit Robotour to see this practical example of robotics in education - and education in robotics, too. See you in Lodz!

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