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dr hab. inż. Grzegorz Granosik







Since I have graduated in 1994 I have been working in over ten projects. In nine of them I was PI or Project Manager. All of the projects were related to control systems or/and robotics and had practical evaluation. I have been working on designing special robots with electric and pneumatic drives, including mobile, rehabilitation and social robots, developing control systems and algorithms.

In year 2001 I have organized the Student Robotics Research Group that I have been supervising till now.

In years 2002-2004 I have been working as postdoctoral researcher in Mobile Robotics Lab at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. I was working in the subproject funded by the U.S. Department of Energy under Award No. DE-FG04-86NE3796. I supervised research of OmniTread and OT-4 serpentine robots.

In 2008 I have organized the 3-months exhibition: Manufaktura robotów (Manufaktura of robots) in cooperation with Experymentarium – the Center of Science and Technology.

Since 2008, each year, our Student Robotics Research Group is organizing Sumo Challenge – the robotic competition that is the whole-day-event in the shopping-art-entertainment center Manufaktura.

In 2013 in cooperation with partners from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belarus we have organized Visegrad Robotics Workshop a series of big events in four countries to teach and popularize robotics. In Łódź that was Robotix Week composed of workshop (Interactive Robotics and LabVIEW Robotics), 4th International Conference on Robotics in Education and Robotour Competitions –

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