The aim of the project is to develop a modular system of universal robotic cells SMART integrated with the transportation system, which is an innovation on a global scale. The innovation of the project is the design solution and the optimization of the connection systems, which will allow for a modular design of the workstation and thus quick implementation and flexibility of the application. The fully integrated mobile robot module for interstate transport complements the classic conveyor and feeder solutions, allowing you to create production lines of freely deployed production targets.

The most important features of the new innovative product are:
- modular construction based on newly developed universal base construction
- simplicity of composition and reconfiguration
- built-in cyber-physical systems
- innovative system for generating elements of the fence - robot work area and safety areas inside the cage, based on the author's own system of rolls
- Construction of the station enabling the customer to create a flexible production system
- Innovative application of the anchoring system.
The project meets the expectations of customers, related to the automation of production processes, who carry out contract works, short-term orders. The versatility of the design will allow the product to be used in almost every industry. The main recipients of the project will be: manufacturing companies and manufacturers of industrial robots, companies dealing with the supply of robotic posts. The project will be implemented in the consortium of Lodz University of Technology (consortium leader) and Aret sp. z o.o s.k. (consortium member). The project will take 36 months and will cover 4 research tasks. The result of the project will be implemented in Poland, in ARET. 

Wartość projektu to: 4 188 083,23 zł, dofinansowanie: 3 513 475,93 zł